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Many people think that obedience is only for puppies, but it’s highly beneficial for adults too. Obedience is not just about giving commands and have the dog obey. It strenghtens the bond between you and your dog, improves communication, reinforces your role as a trustworthy leader and also your dog will be mentally stimulated, which will significantly decrease the possibility of developing behavior issues due to boredom and excess energy.

Before starting any course, we will hold a private consultation by appointment only.

During your consultation we will go over your expectations, worries and routines with as many family members as possible. Every dog is unique. The consultation will allow us to identify you and your dog’s individual needs, determine the course that best fits you and also give you customized advise.

Prepaid consultation investment: see fares in section Tuition. Duration: approx. 50 min.

Basic Obedience Intermediate I Obedience Intermediate II Obedience Advanced Obedience
The beginning to turn your dog into your best friend
What if your best bud behaved even being off-leash?
Ready to be a Canine Good Citizen
Get ready to have the most amazing super dog!

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