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Why enroll?


     A dog is not the same as an educated dog. Everyone wants to spend time with a well behaved dog! Regardless of her age, you’re still on time to teach hundreds of new games and commands.

     There’s thousands of dog trainers and schools in the US. Nevertheless, despite the fact that they offer advanced obedience, most of these dogs are uncapable of obeying in public spaces in real life situations or off-leash, which represents a huge hazard. Now the US finally has dog training beyond simple commands and where the entire family will be able to learn and enjoy as a team with their dog. We will transform your dog into a balanced friend with which everyone will want to be all the time.

     “Most people think that, because my dogs are trained in advanced level, I treat them like robots with so many commands when the reality is completely opposite! Just like you, I baby talk, play, let them on my bed, kiss them, let them join me while I work and so on. The difference is that the education they have received allows them to know when a behavior is acceptable and when it’s not, and every single behavior I previously mentioned is a reward that they value very much” – Rector Caro Sacco CCPDT-KA.

dog family 2     A dog never gets enough socialization. They need to share with you in new environments and meet new people and animals. This is something you will enjoy at no additional cost and under professional supervision in our campus. Share your world as much as possible with your dog and she will always be happy.

     If you want your dog to learn just the basics or to become a super dog, check out our section Curriculum to find the ideal course. You decide, Dog or… Super Dog?

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