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Gift Cards

How does it work?

Variety of gift cards to choose from:


Give education to that dog that needs it so badly. Obedience gift cards are valid for any of our four levels regardless of breed or age. You may select among three types:
  • 100% tuition
  • 50% tuition
  • 25% tuition

Program Little Professors

This program is ideal for kids and teens 7 to 15 who wish to learn moe about dogs, their education and learning process. You may select among two types:
  • 100% tuition
  • 50% tuition

1 - Select the type of gift card that you want to buy (25, 50 or 100% tuition).
2 - Fill out the form.
3 - Make the payment.
4 - Once we confirm the payment, you will receive the gift card in your email.
You decide if you want us to email it to them on a specific date (copying you) or if you prefer us to send it only to you.
We will send out the gift card on the date specified in the form as long as the payment has been successfully confirmed by then. Please, plan ahead.
We accept deposits to a Bank of America account, cash and Paypal. Once you fill out the form, we will send you the information according to your preferred method.
Message us through section Contact above including the gift card code. Once we receive your message, we will send you the available schedules and instructions for the initial consultation.
The original buyer must contact us letting us know what happened so that we can resend the code.
Yes. They are valid for six months starting on the day we send them.

1 – Redeeming
  • Gift cards cannot be used to buy other gift cards. They can only be used to redeem the course and percentage stated in each.
  • In case the gift card is not 100% tuition, the beneficiary will have to pay for the remaining amount according to the standard normative of the University.
  • The redeem will be subject to appointments and available schedules.
  • The buyer’s authorization will be mandatory in order to be able to redeem a gift card after the beneficiary gets in touch with us.
  • In case the same person is the beneficiary of more than one gift card for the same course, they will be able to redeem them all together. E.g. a course can be paid for with two 50% or four 35% tuition gift cards.

2 – Limitations
  • Gift cards do NOT include the cost of the initial consultation which is mandatory (More details in section Tuition).
  • Each gift card will be valid for six (6) months starting on the moment they are sent.
  • Gift cards are valid ONLY in campus.
  • Once the buyer authorizes the use of the gift card code, the process cannot be reverted.
  • If there was a change in tuition fares after acquiring a gift card and before it is redeemed:
    – 100% tuition gift cards: there won’t be any extra charges.
    – 50% and 25% tuition gift cards: the change will apply only to the remaining percentage.
  • Gift cards will be by no means subject to reimbursement or compensation. Sales are final and will not be refunded.

3 – Fraud
  • The University will reserve the right to act according to the law in case of fraud of any kind.

4 – General terms
  • Except for the percentage paid by the buyer, the beneficiary must meet the requirements stated in our normative.

Please, fill out this form once you have successfully paid for your gift card. Thanks!

¡Gift card!
Make sure you spell it correctly.
The person that will receive the gift.
Remember that, in order so send it, the payment must be confirmed in our account.
This message will go along the gift card when we send it.

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