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Master’s: Tricks

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Having the most educated dog is not enough. Let them shine like the star they truly are and show the world how amazing you both are!

She may star in TV commercials, billboards, movies and so on with tons of tricks for you to select.

Do you want a dog or a super dog?

List of some of the available tricks:

# Description Classes (approx.)
1 Low five (includes changes between one and “the other one”) 4
2 High five. Prerequisite: low five 2
3 Shhh: the dog, laying down, will lower the head to the floor between their paws 2
4 Sit pretty: sitting on hind legs lifting front paws 7
5 Crawl 4
6 Cookie on nose: balancing the treat until told to catch and eat it. Prerequisite: catch 5
7 Wave: the dog will be sitting and lift their paw on cue like a human greeting (Prerequisite: low high) 2
8 Touch a specific object. Prerequisite: low five 2
9 Roll over 4
10 Bow 4
11 Turn: independent 360 2
12 Spin: around the handler 3
13 8: the handler will open their legs and the dog will zigzag forming an 8 3
14 Zigzag: as the handler walks, the dog will zigzag between their legs 4
15 Catch: objects or treats 4
16 Play dead 5
17 Shy: hide face with paws 6
18 Speak: bark on cue 2
19 Jump through a hoop 2
20 Backflip (only for small athletic dogs). Requires padding to be provided by the owner. Prerequisite: jump through hoop 8
21 Back up: walk backwards next to the handler 2
22 Balancing on small high surfaces (height will increase progressively for security reasons) Ask
23 Fetch 4
24 Cross paws 2
25 Count: we’ll show a number with fingers and the dog will bark accordingly. Prerequisite: speak 6
26 Which one: the dog will guess in which hand the treat is hidden. Prerequisite: low five 2
27 Close doors 5
28 Open doors. The owner must provide a door with horizontal knob that the dog can actually open directly or with a cord 6
29 Eat on cue: food will be presented and they won’t eat until told so 2
30 Watch me 2
31 Cuckoo: the dog will position themselves between the handler’s legs on cue 2
32 Pick up the trash: we’ll throw a ball of paper to the floor and the dog will pick it up and put it in a trash can provided by the owner. Prerequisite: fetch 4

If interested in a trick other than the ones listed above, let us know!

  • 20-30 minute classes. We suggest 2 times/week.
  • The amount of classes will depend on the selected tricks.
  • The amount of classes for each trick may change from dog to dog. Sometimes they will be less or more than stated.

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  • Individual classes 100% customized. Some of them dog-professor and others family-dog-professor, so that both dog and human family learn at the same phase.
  • After the class with the family, we’ll assign homework for you to practice during the rest of the week.
  • All behaviors are taught using positive reinforcement. The priority will always be the dog’s welfare.
  • Commands will be adapted to the owner’s preferences.

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  • Intermediate II Obedience diploma from Canine University (any country location) or President Caro Sacco’s approval.
  • Original up-to-date vaccination certificate must be brought to the initial consultation. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The dog must not be aggressive, possessive, etc.
  • In cases when an object (chairs, doors, etc.) is required, it must be provided by the owner.
  • Some tricks may not be learned depending on the dog’s personality and body structure.
  • Pawrents must remain in the campus at all times. No students without supervision will be allowed except during class with the professors.
  • Please, bring bags to pick up after your dog.

See fares in section Tuition

The final investment amount will be sent once we receive the list of desired tricks.

  • Course: 50% before starting and 50% before class 5.
  • Once the deposit is made, please send the receipt with the student’s name to

  • There will be up to two (2) absences per month (no exceptions) and the classes will be postponed with no additional charges.
  • Starting on the third absence, regardless of the reasons, the student will have to pay 100% of every missed class.
  • If the student was absent for two classes in a row without communicating with the staff, the University may use their spot for anoter student and the return will be subject to availability.
  • In case the student is 10min or more late, the class may or may not be imparted later depending on availability. If not possible, it will be considered as an absence.
  • If the client willingly pauses the course, regardless of the reasons, and there was any tuition change during that period, the new amount must be paid prior to resuming classes.

dog ball balance

  • In case you have the Intermediate II Obedience diploma from Canine University, the course will start immediately. Otherwise, the student and owner must take and approve the test for that level.
  • Submit a list of tricks to to receive the quote with payment instructions.

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