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Program: Little Professors

girl training dog

It’s very important even for the little ones in the family to be capable of handling the dog, even if the latter is bigger or stronger than them. This, paired with the great enthusiasm shown by our little human students over our years of experience, is why we developed a unique program in which they’ll have the opportunity to pursue the animal training path and become Little Professors certified by the best dog training institution in the US, Mexico, Venezuela and Panama.

Participants will earn:

  • Ways of earning the animal’s respect
  • Self confidence
  • Proper play skills
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge, new friends and sense of responsibility
  • Proper body language for handling
  • Practice of basic commands (sit, down, come, stay and heel)
  • Handling of unwanted behaviors like jumping, nipping, chasing, etc.
  • Basic husbandry skills
  • Proper pronunciation of commands

4 classes of 20-30 minutes each, 2 times/week over 2 weeks.

boy teaching dog

  • Individual classes 100% customized with constant professional supervision, as well as comments and suggestions all along.
  • The dynamics of each class will be adapted to the age, likes and abilities of the student.

girl reading dog

  • Open to kids and teens 7 to 15 y/o.
  • Practices may be done with their own dog as long as they have previously obtained the Basic Obedience certificate from Canine University. Otherwise, we will assign a super dog during the classes.
  • Family members must remain in campus at all times.
  • Family members may observe the class at a certain distance as long as this doesn’t affect the student’s focus. Family members’ participation during class will not be permitted.
  • Please, bring bags to pick up after your dog.
  • Read the General Regulations

See fares in section Tuition

  • Consultation (if applicable): prepaid through deposit or cash.
  • Program: 100% before starting.
  • Once the deposit is made, please send the receipt with the student’s name to

boy & dog

  • Before starting the program, a private consultation with the kid/teen, the dog (in case you want them as part of the classes) and family will be held with the purpose of getting to know you. Each person is unique and the consultation will allow us to determine the best class contents.
  • Consultations will be held by appointment only and during work schedule.

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